Client Application

If you’re interested in becoming a client, we will need to evaluate your business and your specific situation to determine if we would be a good fit for one another. Due to our unique approach, our services are in extreme demand. Additionally, since we only make money if we succeed at growing your company, we must be highly selective about the clients we take on.

Before you submit this application, please make sure your company meets the following minimum criteria:

  • Annual sales of at least $1 million
  • Profitable or breaking even
  • In business at least two years
  • Located in the USA

Additionally, our business model is based on the idea of growing your business dramatically and then selling the company within 18 to 24 months. So if you’re not willing to sell within that time period, we would not be interested in working with you.

All your answers will be held in the strictest confidence. We are not asking for any proprietary information on this application, so we will not sign an NDA at this stage. We perform extensive due diligence on all potential clients, so please be honest and forthright in your answers. You may skip any of the essay questions if you feel uncomfortable answering them, but we will need to get this information before we can make a decision on whether or not to work with you.




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Mindset Questions

Do you own 100% of the company?: *
 Yes No

Business Structure: *

How many years in business?: *

What is your current growth plan?:

Would you sell the business for the right price?: *
 Yes No

Is the business currently profitable?: *
 Yes No

What would happen to the business if you went on vacation for six months?:

Liability Questions

What outstanding liabilities do you have?:

Do you have financial statements?: *
 Yes No

Do you carry liability insurance?: *
 Yes No

Are your income taxes current?: *
 Yes No

Are your payroll taxes current?: *
 Yes No

How is the business credit rating?: *

Do you have any lines of credit available?: *
 Yes No

How accurate and thorough are your company records?:

This question refers to items such as corporate minute books, legal agreements, financials, etc...

Is there any pending or threatened litigation against the company?: *
 Yes No

Marketing Questions

How many products do you sell?: *

Which product or products represent the bulk of your sales?:

How do you get new customers?:

How many new leads are you getting per week?: *

How many of those leads convert into customers?: *

Do you have a customer list in a database?: *
 Yes No

How much is your monthly marketing budget?: *

How much is your average transaction?: *

If you sell multiple products, just enter the average transaction amount for your top-selling product

How much is a new customer worth to you, per year?: *

How could you increase that amount?:

What percentage of customers purchase more than once?:

How often do your customers buy?: *

What percentage of your sales are exports?: *

Financial Questions

How much did you gross last year?: *

Are sales up or down this year?: *
 Up Down Flat

What is your gross profit margin?: *

Do you import any products or raw materials?: *
 Yes No

How much is your monthly fixed overhead?: *

How many employees do you have?: *

How much is your monthly payroll?: *

Do you have a budget?: *
 Yes No

Do you have a standard cost system?: *
 Yes No

What system do you use to keep your books?: *

Business Potential Questions

Describe the potential of the business:

What is preventing the business from realizing its potential?:

What differentiates you from your competitors?:

What does the business need the most?:

What are your biggest weaknesses?:

Operations Questions

Describe a typical transaction:

What other products could you be selling?:

Describe your relationships with your key vendors:

Who are the three most important people in your company and why?:

How much additional capacity could you handle right now?:


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